Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lusting After Lilly...

Greetings from the coast, where all of a sudden it's pretty chilly! 

Quick! Someone remind me that I do not "need" this new Blayney Dress.

Remind me that I already have six Blayney dresses in my closets.

Remind me that I don't like to pay full price for my Lilly, as experience has taught me it always goes on sale. Somewhere. Sometime.

Remind me that just yesterday we were talking about cleaning out closets and being organized.

Remind yourself to help me watch for this dress to go on sale....Blayney in Hotty Pink Shell We Dance, $268.  :-)

Have a wonderful Saturday and a great weekend!


  1. Wait wait wait! You know that Palm Beach's C. Orrico has 30% off all resort Lilly right now. I looked & your dress is available: in all sizes still.

    Here is their facebook posting about it:!/corricopalmbeach/posts/191705850840057

    Use the discount code "last one" at checkout and viola mucho discounted-o!

  2. I am having a hard time waiting for some of the Lilly in stock right now too -- ugh!! :) hold strong!!


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