Thursday, March 24, 2011

Laura Mercier on Gilt Groupe

Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I was so tempted by the Laura Mercier sale on Gilt Groupe. I absolutely love every.single.product Laura Mercier puts on the market, and own more than I care to admit.

Who wouldn't appreciate the following quote?
"Appreciating your own beauty does not come solely from therapy, makeup application, or plastic surgery... It comes from a little door that opens in our minds and helps us celebrate our differences and find pride in our uniqueness." - Laura Mercier

Some of the products featured in the sale include:

Mini Lip Glace, Set of 4, $25. This Shopaholic is a real sucker for lip gloss, and I have enough here to stock a small Sephora. Literally, I had to walk away from the laptop when I saw four glosses for $25.

BODY & BATH QUAD, Crème DE PISTACHE, $45. This is one scent I haven't tried yet, but I do love all the others and am sure I would love this one. Again, I managed to abstain...

Face Palette Collection, $75. Probably the most tempting of all items in the sale, the face palettes are wonderful for travel. The colors are so neutral and you can really do a lot with them. Maybe I can abstain for another day, I'm going to sleep on it and see if I still "need" this in 12 hours. 

Are you a fan of Laura Mercier? Did you manage to resist temptation, or did you crumble? If you're not already a member of Gilt Groupe, you can join with my invite HERE. Just hold on to your wallet, as their sales are always fantastic.

Have a great day and don't forget - Lilly store review coming tomorrow!  

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  1. I love her concealer! It's very moisturizing and creamy!


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