Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lilly, Your Sales Are Killing Me!

Dear Shopaholic Favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via Shoppes,

Yes - I'm talking about you. Under The Palm Tree, Village Palm, C. Orrico, In The Pink, and The Pink Palm. You all "got me" yesterday. The 3-day sale event that most online stores are offering is obviously a huge success. Several of the stores even had website problems due to the traffic. (Reminded me of the Summer Sale Lillypulitzer.com hosted last year).

Below are several of the goodies I ordered. Even though I'm slightly concerned about the accuracy of online inventory in a few places, I have fingers and toes crossed!

Rylan Top, Tickle My Tassle (minus the wrap, of course)

Sadie Dress, Shorely Blue Serenity (this is technically a Fall collection dress, but I can get away with it almost all year here in coastal Alabama)

Lotus Top, Pink (after all, one must be stylish while exercising)
Roslyn Skirt, Skye Blue Exbloomsion
Worth Shift, Floaters

Jett Half Zip, Turquoise (every now and then I buy something for the DH, in case you've been wondering!)

Josie Tunic, Daiquiri Pink Floaters
Roslyn Skirt Lace, Limeade Floater
Baletta Dress, Skye Blue Exbloomsion

There might be a few other pieces in the orders. However, before you think "she is nuts" - I will be shocked if more than half of what I ordered yesterday is actually in stock and arrives on my doorstep. That's just the way these crazy online sales go. I always order a few extras, it's really the best way to avoid a major disappointment!

This could be a good test - I ordered 15 items from 5 stores total. Anyone want to take a bet on how many are in stock? Comment below with your best guess and next week I'll send a little Lilly "happy gift" to the reader who guesses it correctly (or closest). Only ONE winner, and in the event of a tie, I will draw the name of the winner from all accurate entries! (comment with your guesses before Friday 3/18/11 at midnight, please - I will announce the winner next Friday 3/25/11 - have to give the stores time to ship)

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Online Lilly Shopping - the madness continues for two more days. Not me though, put a fork in me. I'm done! :-)

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  1. I'm an optimist, so I think you got about 7 items!

  2. I'm going to guess that 11 of your lilly items are in stock. I ordered from the same stores and I hope that I receive MOST of my items. Such a great sale-- it was hard to resist (even though I'm trying to budget).

  3. Hey Friend,
    SCORE!!! I hope you get it all:)
    Looks like you've been a busy bee.
    Have a great week-

  4. I will go with 10! Good luck!

  5. I'll bet you get most of it- I'll go with 14. I ordered from Preppy Outlet and it was real time, once I ordered my items they were gone from inventory. C.Orrico is not the best about real time inventory. You have a fabulous wardrobe Lori!

  6. I am going to go for 12! I did put in an order yesterday and am debating more- oh who am I kidding...pink palm here I come ;-)

  7. Wow, what cute finds. I hope you receive everything. I'll guess 9.

  8. PS- I ordered from ocean palm yesterday and my goodies are set to be delivered today! Thank you Ocean Palm and FedEx :-)

  9. I guess you will receive 12 items! That will be 12 more than I get, Haha! Not buying anything until I lose 10 more pounds!

  10. I'll go with 8! Though I hope you receive it all! Such a fab sale!

  11. Oh......they got me too...Finally got the Finn I've been wanting, perfect for the office and the shoes I've been dying for. As for Lallie, she got a few goods as well. Picked up the lotus items too. Sadly, I missed out on the skirts, which I really wanted as I love skirts :()

  12. I'm going with 12! Good luck! xo

  13. 11! :) Hopefully you got them all though!

  14. My other numbers were taken, so I Guess 13!

  15. My guess is for 9!! I LOVE that tunic and have my eye on the shift dress in the "Sky Blue Exbloomison." I've just started my own new blog. Please stop by and share any of your blogging wisdom!

  16. I'm gonna go with 6... but I hope you get all 15!!

  17. My hope would b that you receive ALL the cutie items that you ordered.......realistically........12 would be my guess!!!!!!:)
    Oh my goodness!!! What Fun~you will have to sport a fashion show of your goodies for all of us who missed the Lilly boat:(wahhhhhhh!:)


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