Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost Time For Football - Really???

Happy Monday! Today I'm off on a road trip to parts north. I am very excited and am planning to meet a friend for lunch in Atlanta on the way. In my opinion, one of the best things about having lived in several different cities is having friends all over the place. 

On Friday, it finally hit me - it's almost time for football season. WOW. Where has the summer gone? Preseason NFL football games were on television this weekend. Our first Alabama game is on September 3 in Tuscaloosa. Labor Day weekend is looking pretty crazy around here, with the travel to T-town on Saturday and the Kid Rock concert on Monday. 

I love football season and enjoy both the college and professional level games. Heck, I even like attending a high school football game. As a teenager, there wasn't much more exciting than the anticipation of a game against a rival school on Friday night. (Well, maybe the parties afterwards, haha). 

Are you also looking forward to football season? What are your favorite teams? My favorite college team is (obviously) Alabama - my favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. I also have a "soft spot" for the New Orleans Saints and consider them my second favorite NFL team. 

Who will you be pulling for this year? 

Have a Marvelous Monday! 

p.s. Beginning on Tuesday, I will be blogging from the road and updating you on all the fun in the big city of Charlotte! 


  1. Have so much fun on the road!! Drive Safe!

  2. Roll Tide Roll! Yes cant believe it is here already myself. Husband is a LSU fan and dislikes my love for Saban and his tide. So it is alot of fun when we play each other.

  3. I totally agree that living in different places will give us a lot of real friends. That's one of the advantages. On the other side, i don't like the hassle of transferring or relocating.

    Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

  4. ROLL TIDE! Let me know when you're in t-town!

  5. Can't wait for football season! I just follow college football, Go Buckeyes!


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