Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I Coupon...

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your week is off to an amazing start! :-) 

Long time readers will recall that I have previously blogged about my love of couponing (see January post HERE). I will admit that I consider myself a "Coupon Queen". Think about it...you already know you're a Shopaholic, what better way to channel your shopping skills and save money at the same time?

Most of my shopping and couponing is done in national drug stores CVS and Walgreen's, as well as my local Publix supermarket. Most of the cashiers in the stores know me - and are amazed at what I can save in a trip. I always save at least 50% on my grocery total - but many times I will save 70%, 80% and 90% if I'm really on my game. 

In addition to saving hard earned $$$ that I would much rather spend on "fun stuff" like Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Tory Burch tunics, couponing affords me another opportunity. I am always able to make donations to my favorite charities, or when I hear of someone locally that is in need. I have a stockpile that is ready to go and I can always afford to share my goodies. 

I should tell you guys - unlike those crazy folks featured on TLC's "Extreme Couponing" shows, I do not buy tens of dozens of an item. I have learned that sales cycle around, typically every 6-8 weeks. Therefore I generally buy enough of an item to last until the next sales cycle. Additionally, I never "clear the shelf". Even if I want to purchase 6 of a particular item, and only 8 are on the shelf, I will just buy 2-4 of that item. I think shelf cleaning is just rude and there are enough deals to go around for everyone - there is no need to be greedy. My couponing stash is stored in normal areas - the pantry, the laundry closet, the extra closet for toiletries and paper goods. I would never allow my stash of goodies to take over our living space. Once I saw people on the "Extreme Couponing" show that were storing toilet paper under their children's beds, and had built in shelving in their bedrooms to store canned goods. To that madness I say: "Out Of Control". 

These are photos from one of my recent donations, notice the assortment of products.

Recently, I have began to focus on adding the whole "mail in rebate" component to my savings plan. During the month of July, I submitted $100 in MIR's and have submitted almost $200 so far in August. My current plan is to save all those rebate checks and let them pay for a wonderful vacation. Wouldn't the DH be surprised if I earned enough $$ through rebates to pay for a vaca without touching our bank account?

Of course, this plan is contingent upon me not getting sidetracked by a new Gucci Sukey Shoulder Bag. I am newly obsessed, after all! :-) 

Do you like to coupon? What tips do you have? Are there any websites you like to use for coupon match ups, etc? (I am listing some of my favorites below). Please share, I am constantly looking for new tips! 

Feel free to ask any questions too - I will try to answer them all! The $$ you can save with couponing is real - and once you start, you never want to pay full price at the grocery again! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday! 

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  1. I jumped on google reader and yours happened to be the first post. Funny timing because I have been thinking about this. I'm going to give couponing a try. It's always more fun to spend less on necessities and more on fun stuff!

    Thank you for sharing! I hope you have a great week!

  2. That's awesome you do that! How do you do the mail in rebate? I've never done that part!

  3. I try to coupon pretty regularly, but don't save as much as you. Sometimes I do get lucky at CVS, but the grocery store...not so good. Will look at those websites and see if I can pick up some pointers. I do the mail in rebate when it is more than $1.00, but don't see those all that often. I can't believe you sent off $200 worth in 1 month. That is awesome! I'm trying to save for a vacay next year. I want to go back to the caribbean:)

  4. I LOVE LOVE couponing! I started Jan 01 and I am just passionate about it too. Like you, I never go hog wild.

    My best tip is to get rain checks. Don't stress out when something is bought out. Just get a rain check and come bac next week. Sometimes I will even go on a Sat afternoon just because I hope to get a rain check.

    My other tip is to buy the smallest package allowed with the highest value coupon so that little or no money is coming out of pocket. That took a while to get used to buying smaller packages an even travel sizes.

    I have a coupon blog but I am only noting that because I have a list of really good coupon blogs/websites along the side. Which is the real reason I even have that blog. I use my blog to keep track of the better blogs in one location- ha.


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