Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mark Your Calendar: Lilly Pulitzer Sale on Rue La La, Friday August 12

Happy Hump Day, friends! Sorry for my lack of posts recently - just haven't been in the mood to blog and wasn't sure you'd even miss me. Blog readership, comments, etc are way down and I'm not really sure why. I'm beginning to wonder if the Preppy Police blackballed me when I wasn't looking. :-(  

Oh well! For those who are still here and still want to read my little blog, get your wallets and your fingers ready for Friday! Lilly Pulitzer is returning to Rue La La (if you're not already a member, you can join free with my link HERE). The preview photo shows the Shauna Tunic Dress from Fall 2010, so I'm inclined to believe the sale will include items from that collection - and perhaps others! Please see preview pic below - and forgive me for not cropping it and deleting all the "extra stuff" around the photo. 
Even more exciting for me? Friday is also my 41st Birthday! So isn't that a perfect excuse to treat myself to a few pieces of new Lilly? Yep, I thought you would agree! :-) 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and don't forget to join Rue La La HERE. The sale will begin at 11AM EST/10AM CST and if history is any indication, lots of items will sell out within the first thirty minutes! 


  1. I hope that the sale includes other seasons as well! Happy Birthday! What a great reason to shop!


  2. You most certainly have not been blackballed. I love reading your blog. I wish I had known about your birthday earlier so I could have sent you a card. Well, it's definitely a reason to treat yourself!

  3. Please keep writing. I enjoy reading although I can't always post. Happy Birthday on Friday! Hope your day is divine!

  4. My comments and readership is down as well. I was starting to think I was getting boring! Keep it up, I know people love your blog :) Thanks for the tip for RLL, more Lilly is just what I need for my upcoming vacay!!

  5. My comments & readership (both on my blog and actually doing it myself) are down too! I've come to the conclusion that everyone is just SO bsy actually doing stuff in the summer! All of us bloggers who think this can boost each other up!

    Happy early birthday, you deserve some Lilly!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!

    Can't wait for the Rue La La sale (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this time I will actually get something before it's sold out.)

    I'm sure your readership and comments will come back once school starts. I don't think I've posted on my blog since April and I may get the chance to actually sit down and read other blogs once a week. This summer has been crazy busy!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday :)

    I've read your blog for a long time and still continue to do so because I generally enjoy the topics you post about (Lilly, makeup, the beach, etc). Lately I've noticed that many of your posts are centered around trying to make a profit (encouraging people to sign up for sample sales using your referral link, reviewing products for companies, advertising your facebook page that you charge money to use, etc). I also caught wind of your argument with Re-Lilly which turned me off to all parties involved. Granted, it's your blog and you can post whatever you want but this is just a suggestion to why readership and comments may be down (which you have commented on several times lately).

  8. Happy Birthday! Let me start by saying that I used to love your blog and admire your ability to spit and share amazing deals. I don't think you can blame less interest in your blog on Prepp police blackballung you. I'll be honest, I stopped reading regularly and lost interest when you got in the mud and publicly funded on this blog with Paige from Monogram and Margaritas Blog, you both wanted and fight so childish it turned me off to both blogs. I have enough drama in real life with a teenage daughter, I don't want to read blogs about it, stick to your roots and stay out of the mud. I also didn't like seeing you blackball Lilly stores over things that are beyond their control. I'll keep stopping by here unless there is more drama and fighting with other bloggers. I would think the fighting would be a big turn off to not only readers but businesses who may consider your blog for giveaway and product reviews.


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