Saturday, August 27, 2011

Salt Water Saturday: Be Safe, East Coast Peeps

Happy Saturday! 

This Shopaholic has seen more than her fair share of hurricanes. Living on the Alabama Gulf Coast, it's something you always take seriously and hate to see that "cone of uncertainty" with your town in the center of the map. Worse than that, you begin shaking in your flip flops and stocking the supplies when Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel arrive at your beach - a potential sign of impending doom. 

Today I would like to say "good luck and better times ahead" for all my east coast friends and family who are either already experiencing, or will experience, Hurricane Irene this weekend. Please make certain you have everything you need to weather the storm, and heed any evacuation warnings. While a hurricane (even a "small" Category 1 storm) may seem like a good reason to whip up a Dark 'N Stormy and wear your Lilly, I promise you it's not! 

Hope you are all looking at beautiful images like this out your windows again very soon. Godspeed...  XOXO

Ocean City, Maryland
Avalon, New Jersey
Long Island, New York 
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina 
Chincoteague Island, Virginia


  1. thank you Lori... we're bracing ourselves... I have everything except for the red wine that I can drink without refrigeration! :)

  2. here is to hoping Virginia makes it through!!

  3. It sure seems to be more flooding than anything. Here's hoping our beautiful North Carolina coast is spared much more damage. I know my favorite beach is already back open to residents. Thanks for the prayers!

  4. Living on the Florida Gulf Coast I completely agree with you. This storm or any other is nothing to mess with. I can't get over how massive Irene is either. Hoping the Northeast makes out well.

  5. i wore my dark and stormy this weekend!

    very apropos!

  6. Thanks for this post. I live in Richmond, VA and we just got our power back tonight after losing it Saturday afternoon!


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