Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Road Trippin', Day Two

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics! Hope your week has been wonderful so far, I am having a great time in Charlotte. 

Yesterday I met one of my BFF's for lunch. Lis and I worked together for years (are you seeing the common theme here yet?) and I have missed her soooo much, I can't even begin to tell you guys. Long time followers might remember my blog post about cleaning out my closet and the friend that helped me "get it together" by giving me a healthy dose of tough love (you can read it HERE). Lis is THAT friend. :-) She now has a new job and is no longer with our former employer. My BFF looks great, is thrilled with her new position, has lost a bunch of weight, and is absolutely glowing. 

We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte, Firebirds at Stonecrest, which is near Ballantyne. I used to frequent Firebirds as often as possible. They have a great lunch and dinner menu, but I always get the same exact thing. A smokehouse Burger (BBQ sauce, applewood-smoked bacon, shredded cheddar and diced red onion) and BLT salad (Chopped lettuce, tomatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, roasted garlic ranch dressing) at lunch, Filet Mignon and BLT salad at dinner. Dinner always includes one (two...) Double Black Diamond Martinis. True to form, I enjoyed my burger yesterday and asked them to hold the red onions. 
If you're planning to visit the Charlotte area or have a Firebirds in your town, you simply must try this restaurant. Prices are very affordable and it seems to always appeal to a crowd - there is something for everyone. The closest location to me is in Hoover, AL; which is a suburb of Birmingham. For that reason, I visit Firebirds at least once every time I make it to Charlotte. 

Sadly, Lis had to return to work after our lunch so I was on my own for several hours. What's a Shopaholic to do? Hmmm...go shopping, of course. I high tailed it over to Nordstrom Rack. 
Nordstrom Rack, how I have missed you. We spent a lovely summer in Seattle together (another post on another day), and I haven't visited a Rack since. This one has only been open for a few months in Charlotte, and they had a wonderful assortment of all kinds of things a shopaholic "needs". Like these cocktail rings by Kate Spade...

I'm sad to say, the turtle ring didn't fit my fat finger. Ugh. The pineapple ring fit perfectly - but I didn't buy it. Why, you ask? Now that I'm writing this, I can honestly say "I have no idea". I wish I would have. I might make it back over there before I leave town. There were so many thing I could have taken home - DVF flips, Bliss spa products (guilty - got a bunch of those), Joe's Jeans capris,  and a Milly blouse that I am also thinking I "need". Quite frankly, it was all a little overwhelming and I had a difficult time making up my mind what to buy, since I wanted it all! 

Do you Auto Bell? I did yesterday! The car was soooo filthy from the drive up - and the sea spray from the beach - I was actually embarrassed to drive it around town. After Nordstrom Rack, I went for a wash at my favorite Auto Bell location off Rea Rd.  As always, they didn't disappoint. Now the car looks great! At least for a while, right?
Next up: manicure and pedicure at My Bella Spa. In my opinion, this is the best pedicure in the area for the price. Although they have several locations, I went to the newest one at Blakeney. Now my fingers and toes are presentable again, and are sporting OPI's "Party In My Cabana". 

What a great day! I forgot to mention that I slept until 9AM - which was pure heaven! There is more fun planned for today - I get to meet several other bloggers from the Charlotte area. I'm so excited, and can't wait to tell you all about that adventure. Coming soon...

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 


  1. you MUST run back for that pineapple ring. so cute, and will look lovely with all of your lilly!

  2. I love the burgers & the BLT salad at Firebirds! I'm glad you're having fun! It was great to meet you today! We have to get together again!

  3. I agree, the pineapple ring is adorable! I'm thinking of checking with my local Nordstrom's Rack to see if they have one! Hope you're having a great trip!


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