Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer's Endless Summer Sale

 Eliana Dress in Turquoise Moheatoh, Sale Price $99, Retail Price $298

Hello my friends! This morning I had a little extra spring in my step, knowing it was the "Big Day" as the Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale would begin. I hopped right out of bed and immediately turned on the laptop - even before having my caffeine fix. :-) 

Although a lot of the Lilly Pulitzer summer 2011 was included in this sale, I opted for a few of the older pieces from previous Resort and Spring collections. Some of these I have been trying to find for quite a while, and was thrilled to see them available at great prices! 

My heart skipped a beat when I found the Eliana dress (see above photo) on Lilly's website. I have wanted this ever since I saw LP's Fashion Director, Janie Schoenborn, photographed in the dress. Side note: if you ever get a chance to meet Janie, take advantage of it. She is a doll and a design genius! Now I'm happy to report the dress is on it's way to my house! 
 Jillie Dress Chiffon, Sea Blue, Sale Price $39, Retail Price $328 (that's almost 90% off, y'all)

The Jillie Dress is beautiful in person and perfect for a variety of occasions. While I don't normally purchase many strapless Lilly dresses, I thought "what the heck, for $39 I will try this one"! Now I'm just hoping it will work for me in the chest and I won't look pregnant. *Fingers crossed*
 Worth Shift Lace, Limeade Floater, Sale Price $59, Retail Price $178
During the last online sale, I actually ordered this Worth Shift Dress and was so disappointed to find it was out of stock. I've been keeping eyes peeled for it since and clicked "Add To Tote" with blazing speed today. 
Naava Wrap Skirt, Worth Blue Pressed, Sale Price $34, Retail Price $98

Several months ago I purchased this same skirt in the "Stay In Your Lane" embroidery print (which is also included on today's sale) and I finally wore it last week while in Charlotte. (pictures HERE). I received so many compliments on the skirt that I knew I had to purchase the other print. And what a bargain! 

Did you shop the Lilly sale today? It's still going on HERE on the corporate website, as well as on some of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Via shop websites. Be sure to check out the deals at Pink Pelican (HERE) and Village Palm (HERE). Most of the other stores are also participating, check your favorites! 

What did you score from the Endless Summer Sale? Summer days might be ticking down on the calendar, but summer is a state of mind on the Alabama Gulf Coast. :-) I can't wait to sport all my new goodies! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday!  


  1. Love everything you got! I was seriously debating getting that Jilly dress (at that price, how could I not?) for weddings and Air Force balls, but was worried about how it would fit in the chest, and since it's final sale, I didn't want to take any chances.

    Don't cry for me Argentina though. I did not walk away empty handed, obviously. Here is my haul:
    Katia slub wrap in white
    V neck tee in lagoon green
    Diamond stitch sweater in pink
    Murfee in hot in here
    Adalie wrap dress in Navy
    Toile blue tablecloth
    Fleece jacket in navy

  2. LOVE your purchases! Still can't get over how cheap the Jillie dress, and that they have so many in stock!! Mine is on its way! :)

  3. Was able to snag the Blayney dress in Hotty Pink First Impression that I have been endlessly searching for and the Harper Dress in Madly Glamorous!!! Alot of other stuff but those are my two most exciting finds!!!

    Follow my blog! :) http://puppiesnpearls.blogspot.com/

  4. Cute finds! I loved the sale too...was able to scare a few finds. I'm going to post about them tomorrow! :)

  5. Love the Elaina dress (already have it!)
    I thought the sale was amaaaazing! Bought lots ...
    Raya Dress, metalic
    Shayna Dress, black lace
    Theresa Dress, eyelet
    Saemus Dress, dripping in jewels
    2 Caroline cardigans, Murfee
    2 Callahans
    2 Polos
    Lotis top
    Vinyasa pant
    Table cloths

  6. I wanted that Jillie dress too, despite the convo we had about strapless dresses last week! But sadly it was sold out in my size by the time I got there. I was able to get a few things for Payton tho!! Hope your having a fabulous day xoxox

  7. I got the Jillie also in pink! Love it!


  8. Great LP finds...I believe the Lilly sale was responsible for the earthquake on the East Coast yesterday! xx


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