Friday, August 19, 2011

Road Trippin', Day Four: Two Buck Chuck and Old Friends

TGIF, Shopaholics! Are you ready for the weekend? Any big plans? Other than traveling home, I plan to take it easy this weekend. The DH is supposed to come home so I'm pretty excited about that! :-) 

Yesterday I took advantage of my last full day in Charlotte. I was so excited when BFF Lisa told me there was a Trader Joe's right down the road from her house. Shopping list in hand, I took off. 

To sum up my Trader Joe's experience, you could say "it's a good thing she is driving instead of flying". I purchased twelve bottles of wine (eight of which were Two Buck Chuck), several bags of snacks (including my favorite Veggie Sticks Potato Snacks, in my opinion they taste like McDonald's french fries) and a few new relishes and salsas to try. Already, I wish I'd purchased more of those darn Veggie Stick Potato Snacks...I hope they make it back home with me. Maybe I should hide them (from myself) in the car as I fear that combined with a Diet Coke on the road, they might disappear. 

A little of my damage is in the photo below, they were bagging me up so quickly I couldn't get a picture of everything! 

The fun continued with dinner and drinks at Cantina 1511 with my friends Colleen, Page and Glenda.  We all used to work together (yep, that again, haha) and I have missed them. It had been several years since we'd all been together socially, and the years have been kind to everyone. All the girls looked wonderful and are at great places in their lives. 
Don't laugh at this picture, but for some reason I was cracking up! Colleen is pretty hilarious and will have you in stitches very quickly. Since I'd seen her last, she had her first child and he is now three years old. Talk about wow! Colleen has also lost a ton of weight and said even the "skinny girls" in her boot camp class say that her story motivates them. Pretty cool, huh? I'll tell you this - she has motivated me - soon as I get back home, I'm back on the wagon with the diet and exercise myself! :-) 
Meet my buddies Page and Glenda! At different times during my career at the big M, I reported directly to both of these wonderful women. Since we'd last spent any quality time together, Page has become a triathlete. Her children are almost grown (think college junior and high school junior) and I remember them being elementary and middle school age. Where did the time go? And Glenda, I'm so proud of her. After smoking for more than twenty years, she put the cigarettes down three years ago and hasn't looked back. Can you imagine? I can't seem to quit drinking Diet Coke, and Glenda gave up smoking. This proves one thing - we can accomplish anything we want bad enough. It's all a mindset, isn't it? 

It was so much fun to see the girls again, have Mexican food and a few libations -this was always one of our "after work" traditions. I'm happy that life has been kind to everyone, and am proud of what we have accomplished. Life is good. :-) 

Have a Fantastic Friday! 


  1. So glad you had a wonderful road trip! Sounds like it was the perfect birthday gift!

  2. Glad you got to have another fun Charlotte day. Isn't Trader Joe's the best? I'm obsessed with that place!

  3. Another fabulous dress Lori! You look so cute on your roadtrip!

  4. The Trader Joe's Salsa Authentica is my favorite salsa ever. I live pretty close to one and I still buy at least two or three bottles at a time when I go!

  5. You look great!! Also - my most favorite thing ever? Trade Joes dark chocolate covered pretzel thins - in a purple bag. I DIE for them!!


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