Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pretty - But None Of Them Work!

Happy Hump Day, Shopaholics! 

This summer, I have been wearing my pink Toywatch and round face gold Gucci watches almost exclusively. And I never thought I would say it - but I'm getting a little tired of looking at those two. Yesterday, it was time to show a different style a little love.

I was excited to find the above watches in my jewelry box (I actually forgot about the ESQ and Gucci bangle). Imagine my surprise when none of the four watches worked. Dead batteries, I presume. I set them all to 9:00 and waited. Still nothing. So today I'm off to the jewelry repair, and hoping that once batteries are replaced, they will be good as new! 

Does this happen to you? Several things not working at the same time? So frustrating, huh? Maybe I should just forget about the time today! :-) 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday! 

p.s. Does anyone else think that Gucci bangle might be close to vintage status? I'm no Gucci watch expert...


  1. I know that feeling, I have tons of watches sitting at home that don't work but I wear them anyway because I just use them as accessories - not to tell the time. oops secrets out!

    xx Emily @

  2. I have that exact gucci bangle watch but in the silver- yes probably vintage. I got mine 12 years ago! You need a pink Iron Man watch for all your workouts.


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