Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Road Trippin', Day One

Happy Tuesday! 

There isn't much I love more than a good road trip. Of course I wish the DH or a girlfriend was able to travel with me, but that wasn't a possibility this time. Hey at least I could listen to ABBA, Aerosmith, Toby Keith, Lady Gaga - whatever I wanted. Sing at the top of my lungs if I wanted, and play the music as loud as possible. 

Monday morning I left bright and early and traveled exactly 602 miles to my friend's home in Charlotte. The drive was very easy - no traffic hassles, no wrecks on 85 through Atlanta, and no major construction anywhere. Gas prices were pretty decent too - I saw it as low as $3.34 gallon for regular in Auburn. (Side note: if you'd told me five years ago that I'd be happy to pay $3.34 a gallon, I'd have called you crazy). 

I made a slight detour in Atlanta to visit my friend Lisa, who I haven't seen in at least five years. We used to work together when we both lived in Charlotte, but have managed to keep in touch through emails, text, phone calls and Facebook. Crazy thing, when I stopped at Lisa's office, I saw not one, not two, but three other people I used to work with. Talk about six degrees of separation, huh? Of course those guys couldn't believe that I didn't have a "real job" these days because I was always so career driven and goal oriented. I tried to explain to them, I'm just waiting on the next big thing, then I'll go back to work! haha. 

Meet my friend Lisa - I actually call her "LJ". This girl is fierce. Single mother, hard worker, with two gorgeous and independent children, LJ has lived from Seattle to Charlotte to Birmingham to Atlanta. I'm trying to talk LJ into "guest blogging" here for me - she has such wonderful relationship advice and tells it like it is. You all would love her. I'm so happy we've been able to keep in touch - and thrilled I was able to see her yesterday. 

Now I'm wondering what I can find to entertain myself today. Stay tuned! :-) 

Enjoy your day! 

p.s. My Tory Burch tunic needs major alterations. The sleeves are way long, and now it just looks like a maternity top on me. Ugh. At least the Joe's Jeans capris never let me down. 


  1. funny you say that about your TB tunic. I keep buying them but never like them on me! You look great though, you are tall and I think tall people look better in them! Looks like fun! You will have to visit me in Atlanta sometime! Have a great time in Charlotte!

  2. I didn't even notice about the alterations...the tunic looks great! xx

  3. Sounds so fun - and you look great!

  4. I love road trips. Have a wonderful time and be careful

  5. You look great! That outfit is really cute!! Love the shoes with it too!

  6. I was just going to say I adore your tunic! I never would've noticed the arms. ;)


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