Fall 2012: The World According To Pantone

I have a confession to make. Fall is one of those seasons that doesn't get much attention in my house - or wardrobe. Of course the weather turns a little cooler (think 80+ degrees instead of 90-100 degrees). Of course we are neck deep in SEC football game activity and attend every Alabama home game in Tuscaloosa. But other than that, "fall" is really "indian summer" around here.

As a result, I don't generally purchase many Fall clothes - and what I do purchase, it takes me a while to embrace. I can still remember getting ready for back to school as a teenager, with my new "Guess" jeans and polo shirts - only to burn up at school. (Yes, there was air conditioning back then, but it was still too hot!)

So it should come as no surprise to learn that I just looked at the Fall 2012 Color Report. I have to admit, I love these colors. My favorites are fairly predictable: Olympian Blue, Ultramarine Green, Tangerine Tango, and of course Pink Flambe. They remind me of a lot of the colors my favorite designers are using this season. 

Which ones are your favorites? Are you busy stocking up on your Fall wardrobe, or are you like me and not acknowledging the impending season change?


  1. I've always said that September on the Gulf Coast is the hardest month to dress yourself. I always want to use fall colors and styles, but it's still SUMMER outside!

  2. Love all of your picks, but the rhapsody sounds like a color I could use a bit more of, as I don't have many lighter purples. ;)


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