My Very First Concert: Elvis Presley

Today we are on our way to Dallas to see the Tide play on Saturday night! 

As we ride along I-20 between Vicksburg, MS and Monroe, LA we are listening to XM-19, the Elvis Presley channel. Here's a little fun fact about me that you don't know yet - the first concert I ever attended was none other than Elvis! It was his last performance in Mobile, on August 29, 1976. I was only six years ago and remember the concert like it was yesterday.

My Father bought the tickets and took me, Mother and Nanny. My Aunt also went with us and we had a blast. I can remember my Aunt taking me down to the stage and putting me on her shoulders in an attempt to catch one of the famous Elvis scarves. (He would throw the scarves off the stage as he used them and your primary goal was to get.a.scarf.) 

I wish I could find the pictures we took before we left the house. My Father always jokes that an Elvis concert was "the best place to see beautiful women". All the ladies would dress up - long gowns, big hairstyles and a face full of makeup. "As if Elvis were going to pick them out of the crowd and take them home with him", Dad joked. 

Somewhere there is a picture of my Mother wearing a long black gown, with straight blonde hair and standing besides a brand new gold 1977 Ford Thunderbird. We must find that photo! 

What was your first concert? I have seen so many fantastic ones over the years - but Elvis was my first, and I will never forget it. 

P.S. I have to thank my parents for taking me to that concert. Back then, so many of their friends remarked to them that they couldn't believe they "wasted" a ticket on a six year old child. Turns out, I remember all the details and it wasn't a waste at all! Not many people my age can say they saw Elvis Presley in concert, as he died the following year. 


  1. This is seriously the best story! I love Elvis and have read Elvis and Me by Priscilla so many times. Yes, you've got to find those photos! And post them to your blog of course. I loved how Priscilla looked back then w/ the big hair, heavy eye makeup, and glamourous clothes.

  2. Elvis Lives... In our hearts even for the ones like me, born after 4 years of his death, from Istanbul TR. We love Elvis. He's the greatest.


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