Fornash Jewelry & Accessories: 50% off through Usccop

Preppy shopaholics love their Fornash - and I'm certainly in that group! 

Today there is a wonderful deal on Uscoop! You can buy a Fornash voucher worth $50 for only $25. The voucher can only be used on the Fornash website, and will be worth $50. I purchase vouchers on Uscoop all the time, and it's always a great experience. 

But hurry - this deal won't last long. It's currently set to expire on Saturday at midnight, but could always sell out even faster. Hop over to Uscoop and get your voucher today! Your free invite to Uscoop is HERE

I've already purchased my voucher, and am planning to stock up on the Belmont bracelets for my fall jewelry wardrobe.

What are your favorite Fornash pieces?



  1. So very, very happy to have found your blog! I'm new to blogging, but have been searching for other Coastal Alabama blogs!

    And your blog rocks!

    I'll be adding it to my "Blogs You Will Like" list!


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