Sunday, August 19, 2012

Salt Water Sunday: Brightly Colored Walls At The Beach

Even I can't believe it - but we've been here at the beach for four years. During the majority of this time, we've had drab white walls and white trim. It looked absolutely awful and we've been wanting to brighten up the joint for quite a while. 

I'm pleased to report that we recently agreed on a color scheme, and painted some of the common areas of the condo. The kitchen and hallway going into the kitchen are both painted pink. Officially, the color is named "First Kiss". The color extends into the kitchen and even the DH is pleased with the results. (Please forgive the god-awful counter top and cabinets - they are next on the remodel list - I can only task the DH with so much in a short period of time, ha!)
The pink color extends on the walls leading into the dining room, and we painted the dining room a lime green. The official color name is "Twist of Lime" and it's really fun! Pink and green - my favorites! (You'll also have to excuse all that clutter in the background, the house was torn up for several weeks - can you see my ironing board in the kitchen? haha!)

Moving into the den, entryway and all the way down the hallway to the bedrooms, we used "Sprinkler". The DH and I can't decide if it's blue or green, it seems to depends on how the light hits it and what time of day you look. Crazy, huh? Of all the colors - this one might be my favorite. It looks like it belongs at the beach, doesn't it?

Now I'm a little embarrassed to admit it - but I haven't put much of anything on the walls since we finished. Let's just say I'm being very selective about what goes up on freshly painted walls, ha! We plan to purchase new furniture in the den and dining room this fall, and really update the place even more. I'm hoping the DH has some time off soon and we can begin to tackle updating that kitchen. The cabinets alone will take at least a week! 

What do you think about the bright colors? It's funny - I can remember when we purchased our first home (all those years ago!), all I wanted were "neutral" walls. Think beige, putty and white. Of course that was nice because you could pair anything with it - but frankly, it was pretty boring. These days, I like to inject some color into my home. 

Bright colors make this girl very happy! How about you?

p.s. Our paint was purchased at Lowe's. It's from the Valspar Signature Colors line - just in case you want to check out those colors in your local store. :-) We used "Fresh Cotton" for all the trim and doors. 

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  1. My architect once told me, "color is free". You have to paint it something, and it doesn't cost any more to brighten it up a bit. I love brightly colored rooms. Fun. Fun.


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