Favorite Shopaholic Scarves - With Styling Suggestions

While it's true that I don't live in a cold climate, I love wearing a fun scarf. It's one of my favorite ways to accessorize an outfit from November - March. 

Over the past few years, I have accumulated quite the collection of Murfee Scarves by Lilly Pulitzer. After seeing the pictures of the Murfee Scarves in Lilly's Resort collection, I suspect this year will be no exception. 

I'm in love with the Murfee in Turquoise Coral Cascade, $118
The Murfee Scarf in Bright Navy Touchy Feely, $118 is also on my wish list. I think this color combination would match so many items in my closet, especially all the navy! 
Have you embraced the Infinity Scarf? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this style. I don't own any (yet!), but I think the Missoni Infinity Scarf at $154 would make a great wardrobe addition. The black and white (ish) pattern would  be incredibly versatile. 
File this one under "what the heck was I thinking"? I can't believe that when we lived up north and I had easy access to all things Burberry, I didn't purchase the quintessential Burberry scarf. You know - the giant check, skinny, cashmere version. And it would match my Burberry bag. What a dope! Priced at $325, this one will be on the permanent "wish list" - unless I start working again...
Because of my warm weather upbringing, and the infrequency with which I am able to wear a scarf, I feel like a total idiot when trying to style one. Thank goodness for youtube - I found the video below and it has such wonderful suggestions. Check it out! 

"How To Tie A Scarf - 10 Stylist Suggestions" by Verypashmina.com

Did the video provide you with a new styling suggestion? Are there any scarves that are high on your wish list this season?

Have a Fabulous Friday! 


  1. Love the infinity scarf trend! Much more substantial and cozier! Great choices here,


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