Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Shopping Reminder

Happy Sunday! Today I'm busy getting the DH ready to go out of town again tomorrow. It's been a wonderful holiday week and weekend, especially with him at home. Hope yours has been fantastic as well. 

Every year, it seems I do a little more of my holiday shopping online. It's just so convenient and easy - avoiding the crowds, the traffic and the parking hassles. In addition, I know for certain I don't overspend as much when I shop online vs. in the store. Those "impulse purchases" really get me in the stores! How about you? 

While you're shopping online, don't forget to check the Ebates site to see if your store is offering cash back. I'm always amazed at the wide selection of online merchants and the cash back %'s that are offered. Just today, I noticed that Sephora was at 8% cash back. Wow! Many of the online retailers are offering increased %'s for the Black Friday - Cyber Monday time period. Some of my favorite deals on Ebates include:

And so many others! If you're not already a member of Ebates, you can join HERE and you will receive a $10 bonus after making your first purchase through Ebates. Speaking from experience, I can't believe I waited so long to join Ebates myself. Several of my savvy friends would gently remind me, yet I was slow to hop on the bandwagon. Now I feel so silly for not using Ebates a long time ago! 

Happy Holiday Shopping! Be sure to check back tomorrow, I'll be blogging about Cyber Monday and my favorite deals for you! 

Have a Super Sunday, I'm off to deal with five loads of laundry! Fun, fun! :-) 


  1. I love ebates! who doesnt love getting some money back?!

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