Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Like That...He's Gone Again...

The past few days were wonderful - the DH was home and we were able to spend some quality time together and with our family. Today I'm sad to report, he's gone again. But hopefully, not for quite as long this time...

While he was home we spent the weekend in Destin. The above picture was taken at Baytowne in Sandestin. We were with my sister, BIL and the nephews. The grown ups enjoyed a few adult beverages on Saturday while watching the Florida - Georgia football game. Yes, that's a playground you see in the picture. We are guilty of having a beer while the nephews played! :-) 

Speaking of pictures, isn't this a cute one?  My sister and her hubby...
The nephews were soooooo excited to spend time with their uncle D! They both kept saying "we luv our uncle D" (and not just when they wanted to watch youtube videos on DH's tablet or phone, haha). These three boys, they are my heart. I just want to pinch their cute cheeks and give them a big kiss! 

Now, I have to get caught up around the house and with my work. My sleep schedule got all messed up while the DH was home. He has been working nights and when he has time off, it's hard to get the body clock adjusted to sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. As a result, I took naps with him at odd hours and stayed up way too late. I'm definitely off my game! 

Do you have any suggestions for catching up on my rest? Other than going to bed for a few days? :-) 

Hope your Hump Day is glorious! 


  1. you are such a cute couple! Try taking a 10 minute nap. even if you don't sleep just shutting your eyes is how Einstein got thru many a late night

  2. I just try to stay awake when the hubby is up - mine is on an opposite schedule too....I would rather be with him than get the right amount of sleep!


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