My Newest Obsession: Pinterest

Happy Hump Day! I'm still home sick but I have a new obsession to keep me occupied: Pinterest. Oh my goodness, I could stay on Pinterest for hours. Why didn't you guys warn me? 

I'm still learning the lay of the land though - I just got started yesterday, so cut me some slack if I'm using the wrong language, etiquette, etc. Please feel free to follow me at: shopaholicinal or by using my email address: I'd love to see your pins as well! 

Have a great day! 


  1. oh i hear ya girl- pinterest is super addictive!

  2. LOVE Pinterest!!!! It is so neat and you can get so many different ideas for things!! I am addicted! :)

  3. I set up an account for my mom over Thanksgiving and she's almost as obsessed as I am! :)

  4. I just learned about this yesterday - a few days behind your blog. I'm now OBSESSED.

  5. I got put on the pinterest waiting list last week... Boooo for me...


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