Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At The Boat Parade

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics! WOW has it ever been cold here.  I'm already longing for spring and just think - it's not even "officially" winter yet. Yikes!

On Saturday, we went to the boat parade here in town. My sister and her family, plus my parents, all came down for the event. We had a wonderful lunch at The Original Oyster House (if you make it to Gulf Shores, AL one day you must eat there); outlet shopping (a little damage at J. Crew and Tommy Bahama, I confess); then off to the boat parade we went.

I had plans to capture a ton of photographs in hopes of sharing them with you! However, we took the one above and then my camera battery died! Doesn't that just figure?!?!? Does this ever happen to you? I know I should always have spare batteries with me, and this time I didn't. Grrr....

Then again, DH and I have had no time for our normal "maintenance" routines - not to mention we haven't had mirrors in the bathrooms for weeks. Perhaps we actually broke the camera with our appearance? It's quite possible! Don't tell DH I shared the photo - he would die!  Earlier that day, he cut his chin while shaving in my makeup mirror. It only took about 30 minutes for the bleeding to stop. :-(

Have a Terrific Tuesday! Maybe the next time there is a boat parade, I will have actual photos of boats to share! Good news - our mirrors were delivered Monday afternoon. We should start looking better soon! :-)


  1. Y'all look so cute!!! Merry Christmas and I hope one day to see the boat parade myself!

  2. wah, I miss seeing the boat parade!!!! Y'all are too cute!!

    ps- I HAVE ALREADY MADE 2 PURCHASES VIA EBATES! I be blogging abt it tomorrow and will be linking back to you:)


  3. Darling picture!! Yes, I totally understand the camera scenario. Been there - you'd think I would learn! Gotta do better when my new grandbaby gets here ;-) xoxo


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