Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Party Time!

Happy Tuesday, Shopaholics! Are you "shopped out" yet? Ready for Santa? Still not ready here...

The past few days have been spent enjoying time with family and friends at various holiday gatherings. On Saturday we had our immediate family over for a low key holiday dinner.

Last night I went to a "Girls Only" holiday party at my BFF Ashleigh's house. We had a great time - wine, food, Dirty Santa and one of our favorite holiday movies "The Holiday".

I loved Ashleigh's tree and really wanted to take the pink Sock Monkey ornament home with me...instead, she sent me home with a new Christopher Radko ornament for my collection. :-)

For blog reader "Amie" - Ashleigh and I wish you "Happy Holidays"! And to answer your question, we've been BFF's for --- hmmm --- about sixteen years now! 

Have a Terrific Tuesday, and while running around trying to get it all done - take a moment to breathe and enjoy the season!


  1. I really need to know if you still wish to participate in this swap.
    I know life can get in the way and I am not angry.
    I am concerned for the other swappers having to wait to get their squares.
    Please let me no either way!

  2. i LOVE that adorable white christmas tree. too cute! have a very merry holiday week!

  3. Thank you and thanks to Ashleigh too :)I hope you ladies had a good time at the party! Merry Christmas!

  4. Look how cute you look with your scarf and pink sweater. Merry merry cutie

  5. What fun! Great pictures--and the one of you with your friends just screams "fun night!" ;) Best of luck getting everything done! Merry Christmas. XOXO


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