Monday, December 20, 2010

Managing Holiday Commitments & Family Time...

Happy Monday, my friends! Hope you had a great weekend. Are you ready for Santa? Not so much here, lots of work left to do!

How do YOU manage holiday commitments and family time? Do you feel like you just run, run run all around town (or you have to travel and THEN run all over the place - that's what we do)?

Naturally, all of our running around occurs on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. I can remember a time when we lived in the same county as everyone else - but would put 170 miles on our car CE/CD. Insane!

When is it just too much? When do you decide to stay home? Or better yet - when you do say "heck with it" and celebrate the holiday a week early - then go to NYC and wake up Christmas morning at the Plaza? Hopefully with a light dusting of snow outside...

One day, this is where Santa will have to deliver my gifts...


  1. Wow--wouldn't it be divine to spend Christmas in a posh hotel in NYC?! This may need to be added to my bucket list. ;) Best of luck getting everything done this week!

  2. Ah, the Plaza - makes me think of Home Alone 2, when they're all at the Plaza on Christmas Day. :) Good luck with checking off the rest of your Christmas To-Do list!

  3. Sounds like it will be a very magical Christmas for you! Take photos. And have a very merry holiday!


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