Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gone To Get Legal...

Happy Wednesday, Shopaholics. Pardon moi while I interrupt the party season for a very important announcement.

Thank you, Lowe's. If it weren't for the snarky little man processing my return, I STILL wouldn't know that my drivers license has expired! And, to add insult to injury, it's been expired for *ahem* almost ninety days. Yes, I said ninety days.

I had no idea I was driving around with an expired drivers license. Turns out, the state of Alabama can't afford to send you a postcard (once every FOUR years) to remind you it's time to renew. What?!?! Seriously!?!? The taxes we pay??? Don't even get me started...

So, even though I haven't finished my holiday shopping - I'm on my way to the DMV. I need to get legal again. Must drive verryyyyy sloooowwww, don't want a ticket in my stocking this year!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday - after I'm legal again, I'll be out shopping with all the other procrastinators. :-)


  1. The EXACT same thing happened to me recently. Except, mine was only a few days expired. The state of S.C. must be 'poor' as well, b/c the DVM said I would not of been notified. Yikes! Happy DMV visit!

  2. LOL, well......are ya legal? haha......
    I found out mine was expired by the teller at the bank last year. She wasn't too kind. She said "I am not suppose to cash this check since it's expired" Seriously?

    Ahem...I bet Foley was a NIGHTMARE!!!

  3. Oh my gosh - thanks so much for the reminder. My birthday was last week, and my license is now expired too - ahh! Totally forgot!! Need to go get mine renewed soon! :)

  4. I have a funny one for you. Kerry found out his license expired in August. It was now October. He went to the DMV in Bay Minette, paid his money for a new license. Waited and waited, it never came in the mail. Checked his temporary license, it was expired. Went back to the DMV, he gave them the right address, but the WRONG CITY!! Had to pay for another license and just got it last week. Why was I not surprised??


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