Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mallory Shirtdress by Lilly Pulitzer - the dress you NEED but don't know about!

Hello my friends! I don't know about you - but I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Every year between Christmas and New Years Day, I can't even keep up with the date! So far, this year is no exception. Don't laugh, I'm sure many of you are the same way - especially if you're on vacation from work! :-)

Today I wanted to tell you about the Mallory Shirtdress from Lilly Pulitzer. This dress was part of the Fall 2010 collection, and wasn't even on my radar. Sure, it was on a few of the Via Shop websites; but went largely unnoticed by moi. My fascination with the Elsa top Lilly produces has already been well documented here on the blog. Guess what? The Mallory shirtdress is basically an Elsa top with a belt and made into a dress! What's not to love?

Surely you realize by now that everyone around me likes to shop just like I do, yes? Soooo you won't be surprised to learn that my sister found this dress on a huge sale? When she called and told me about the price, I immediately ordered one. It arrived the day before Christmas and I wore it on Monday. Yesterday I ordered a second one!

The dress runs true to size, in my opinion. However if you are "this close" to wearing a lower size, you might be able to go down one size. Mallory comes in two prints, Stemina and With Bells On. Stemina is pictured at the top of today's post. Here is a picture of the "With Bells On" pattern. I couldn't find a photo of the dress in the Bells print online to "borrow" and mine is in the washer...

So here is the DEAL! These prices are only applicable at Lilly Pulitzer corporate stores, but don't worry - I have all the info you need! 

Mallory Shirtdress in Stemina $44
Mallory Shirtdress in With Bells On $49

Do not adjust your glasses, you are not seeing things. Ladies, this is super cheap and so versatile. You need it. 100% Cotton, fully lined, machine washable. It looks great paired with boots and tights, or over jeans for a completely different style.

Lilly stores that can help feed your need:

King of Prussia 610-265-7607
Sarasota 941-388-3091
Palm Beach Gardens 561-799-9400
Legacy Village (Ohio) 216-291-8670

If you don't live near one of these locations, no worries. Neither do I! Just give them a ring and do a phone order. If the store doesn't have the size or print you're looking for, they can find it.  Shipping charge for sale items is only $7, but if you add a full priced item to your order - shipping is free! Nice, huh?

Personally, I can't wait until the man in the big brown truck delivers my Mallory in Stemina. Hopefully on Friday! :-)

Have a Wonderful Wednesday and let me know if you take advantage of this deal!


  1. Love this too! I got Stemina and a red with white stripes at the sale. At first, I thought they were just unproduced samples because I had never noticed it either.

  2. Your sister also told me about this dress!!! Like you, I had glanced at it online, but never given it much thought. Per her suggestion, I called Southlake and they tracked down the With Bells On in Sarasota! It is definitely my new favorite dress!! I am now thinking that I need the Stemina as well....

  3. Wow! Thanks for the heads up! I love a dress for under $50! I almost had that Eliot Shirtdress (in Fresh Catch Toile) yesterday from In the Pink at a great price but after I had placed an order got an email it wasn't available. Maybe this can be a consolation! Wendy

  4. I've never seen this!! I was just at the lilly store in Legacy Village last week and I didn't see it there - but I may have totally missed it! I cannot believe the price...dialing the phone now...

  5. GREAT leads on sales! Thanks for sharing! I snagged the Mallory Shirtdress in With Bells On (I like that more than the other print) then 3 dresses from C. Orrico online at crazy low prices too!

  6. What a fabulous deal!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I got the last size 0 Mallory dress left in any of the via stores. The print is stemina. I also picked up a couple murfee scarves that were on sale. What a great bargain! They're being shipped today and I can't wait for them to arrive. Thank you so much!

  9. I've had my eye on this dress for quite some time, as I love a good shirtdress. I might just have to get one now!

  10. Do you by chance know when the Lilly Spring collection will be out? I am hoping it's around my birthday! Love your blog =)

  11. Okay- no corporate stores had my size so I ordered from Peppermint Palm in "With Bells On" for $67. Still not a bad deal. I'm sure I'll love it - thanks Lori! Wendy

  12. Thank you for posting this - I got the last 14 at the corporate store in Cali for $44 - Deal!

    It's stuck in the snow though!

    I still haven't seen the dress in that print, but I'm sure it will be lovely!


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