Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis' The Season!

TGIF! What do you have planned for the weekend? We are having family over on Saturday for dinner. Of course we have to show off the results of our remodel! :-)

Finally, I managed to get some of my decorations up. Every year DH and I put up a 9' artificial tree with all Christopher Radko ornaments (we have quite the collection at over 150 pieces). In addition to the "Radko tree" we also have a "Lilly tree" and a football themed tree "Alabama/Dallas Cowboys tree". For a little extra decoration, we put a fiber optic tree in every bedroom.

In the interest of time and the hassle factor, this year we decided not to put up the Radko tree. As you can imagine, this made me quite sad. I look forward to decorating with my Radkos. Every ornament is special to me - I can remember where most of the ornaments came from and who gave them to me. Funny the things you this story...I remember being in Northern Virginia on business. Staying at my "normal" Hilton in Olde Town over a weekend which was unusual as I always flew home on Fridays. On Saturday, I went shopping (pick yourself up off the floor now, please!) with a co-worker. We found the cutest Christmas shop on St. Asaph. While I can't remember the name of that store to save my life, I do vividly recall that I purchased ten Christopher Radko ornaments on sale. This memory sticks out in my mind, as it occured on the same day that space shuttle Columbia crashed and debris was littered all over Texas. (Some landed in another co-workers yard, the FBI came and picked it up!). We finished that day of shopping with big margaritas and wonderful Mexican food at Austin Grill...anyway, I digress!

Decorating my Lilly tree helped ease the sting of no Radkos this year. Isn't it cute? I have a ton of ornaments that won't fit on this small tree, so now I'm on the hunt for a large (6' or so) pink tree. Maybe I'll be lucky and find one after the holidays on clearance. A girl can hope, right?

Do you decorate in themes? What are your favorites? Traditional or designer? This year our Radko tree was replaced by a small 6' tree that DH is now calling the "Charlie Brown" tree. All the ornaments are turquoise, silver and white - and even though I miss my Radkos, I have to admit - it's actually pretty!

Have a safe and fun weekend!

P.S. Please ignore those awful baseboards and old Berber carpet - obviously we haven't remodeled this part of the condo just yet! :-)


  1. Ah! I totally live in Old Town right by St. Asaph - SUCH a small world! Okay that was unrelated to the post but still....

  2. Your Lilly tree is precious!! Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo

  3. I can't believe there's no Radko tree this year!! My weekend is full of J's coworkers...dinner with his staff tonigght and brunch with the whole company Sunday morning.

    Wish we could meet at Austin Grill tonight :)

  4. I love that tree! It's so preppy and cute!

  5. Oh my....that's just too flippin cute girl!!!


  6. I love your Lilly tree. I bought my daughter one this year for her dorm room this year.

    I have a 8 ft "crochet" tree with all white ornaments that my Grandmother has made. A 4 ft tree with ornaments from Turkey that my family has sent me and made. Last year I have a 8 ft. memory tree with all my special ornaments that children have given me in my 20 years of teaching, my daughters/moms ornaments, and my husband and I got married at Christmas so our ornaments are on this tree.

    I have one last 3 ft tree in the guest room that is my daughters tree of her younger years with her ornaments.

    I love Christmas also and travel like you. We have "Santa" at home but then head out.

    Love all your post and just want to Wish you a very Merry Christmas! janice

  7. Our local (ohio) Borders had a pink prelit tree on sale 50% off - an odd place i know, but there it was - all 6-7 feet of it!


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