Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shopping & Dining in Destin

Happy Sunday, Shopaholics! Hopefully you are enjoying a lovely and relaxing weekend! How are you doing on that holiday shopping???

Earlier this week, I was getting close to nervous breakdown status. The remodel, the mess, the was all driving me crazy. My sister intervened (bless her heart) and we escaped to Destin for a quick "girls trip".

We had a blast! A few of the highlights of our trip included:

The fun began with dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. I truly believe there isn't much in life that can't be solved by Fried Eggplant, covered with lump crabmeat and hollandaise sauce. Served with a glass (bottle - we split it of course!) of pinot and a twice baked potato.

The next morning, we stopped by the beach to take a few quick pictures. When DH and I lived in Destin (2.5 years ago), we sat on this exact stretch of beach anytime we could. Britney Spears has a condo in the highrise building in the background, just thought you'd find that entertaining! :-)

We didn't really intend to wear matching Lilly Pulitzer prints - there was a last minute "wardrobe change" due to the weather. My sister's hair (left) looks much better than mine (right) - I desperately need to go see my stylist. This week, for sure!

We needed a good meal and a few drinks the next day. A leisurely lunch at Tommy Bahama Cafe was perfect!  This drink is the "Frostbite", and you don't need very many! :-) If you have an opportunity to visit a Tommy Bahama Cafe, you simply must! The food is delicious and the service is excellent. I love the atmosphere - the music, the furnishings, the decor. It's impossible to leave here in a bad mood.

Can you guys believe it? I visited the Lilly Pulitzer Via shop at Sandestin resort, Barefoot Princess, and didn't purchase one.single.thing?

Don't worry though - I made up for it at Ulta, Saks Off 5th, and J Crew! :-)

It was so much fun to get out of our construction zone/mess, spend time with my sister, shop, eat and drink...we all need a break sometimes! It's good for our mental health!

How do you "Escape" when the going gets tough? You know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Sounds lovely! And as always, BEAUTIFUL sisters!!!

  2. Three things.

    1. I can't believe YOU didn't buy anything in the Lilly store. Good for you! I need to learn that

    2. I will admit I still love Britney. Train wreck, shaved head, two marriages later - I adore her and hope for a comeback. I might have to go there to stalk her.

    3. That twice baked potato looks AMAZING!

    Looks like you had a very relaxing weekend! You deserve it!

  3. Destin is my favorite place in the world- so jealous!! It's hilarious that you and your sister are dressed alike! I could really use a weekend like that....

  4. What a perfect getaway!!! Why is this the first I'm hearing of a Tommy Bahama Cafe? I had no idea they existed!

  5. is that the kari dress? I love it!

  6. You and your sister are too cute! I'm glad you were able to have a little deserve it!!

  7. Sounds fun! I also love travelling with my sister. Whenever we’re stressed from work we go out and enjoy the perks of being alive. She always want fine dining (FL.), because she’s tired of eating processed foods on her fringe which she think are not real foods. And to add up some spice we shop at the Malls Florida and to some dress up that appeal on our day.


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