Friday, December 10, 2010

J. Bee Designs Giveaway Winner - and Holiday Stress!

TGIF, Shopaholics! I hope you've had a wonderful - and productive - week!

Today I wanted to thank everyone who entered the J. Bee Designs giveaway (original post HERE) - and announce our winner! "Colleen" - you are the lucky recepient of the $40 gift card! Please contact me ( so I can put you in touch with J. Bee Designs! Congratulations!

On another note, are you all stressed OUT for the holidays? I must admit - I am! Typically at this stage of the game, all my shopping is done and most of the gifts are wrapped. I usually have all the decorating done by the week after Thanksgiving...not so much this year. Yesterday I finally managed to get up our tree(s). Running just a weeeee bit late...still have lots of gifts that need to be purchased, and needs to be wrapped.

I blame it all on the never ending renovation. You know how it is - one project turns into another. Dialogue between me and DH, late last week:

Shopaholic: "I really don't like the way that dark paint looks against the white ceiling. What can we do about that?"

DH: "Well.......we could always install some moulding".

Shopaholic: "What would be involved?"

DH: "Another trip to Lowe's, two coats of paint on the moulding because you'll want it to match all the other trim, tools to cut the moulding and then more tools to nail it to the ceiling. It's going to cost us two more days."

Shopaholic: "Does that mean you have to use that loud nail gun thing again? It's realllllyyy loud....".

DH: "Yes, that's what it means. Do you want to do it or not"?

Shopaholic: " this point, what's another few days?"

Welcome to my world, dear friends. When this is over, I'm going to need a Caribbean vacation to recover.

What is stressing you out this holiday season? Feel free to vent here!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'm way behind too! Most of the decorations are out but there is a small pile of stuff on the living room floor that needs to be placed. I decided to make all my cards this year...did the envelopes about two months ago and not one damn card yet. Gifts are 90% purchased, 0% wrapped and/or shipped. Today is the 10th!!

  2. LOL.......remodeling is never fun. ugh WHen we built our Ono house, we move in and SO MUCH was left to be fixed. They did what they "needed" to get us our CO so that we could spend Christmas in it.

    WEll, HELLOOOOOOOOO Getting everything done after that was nothing but a PAIN PAIN PAIN....
    I feel your pain is what I am telling you, HAHA


  3. My in laws are coming on Monday and I have sooooooo much to do. So stress? YEP!

  4. I hope you get a trip under the tree this year, you deserve it!


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