The Best Hair Straightening Product Ever!

TGIF, my friends! It's a gorgeous day here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, with a forecast high of 73 tomorrow. Do you know what that means? Time to start working on the tan and get a king sized dose of Vitamin D. Remember, today is the very last day of winter! I'm ready to kiss it "bye bye" and get on with warmer weather.

While I love the warm weather and loathe the cold, hot weather brings a new problem to my house. Frizzy and out of control hair! You probably don't know this yet, but my hair is naturally wavy. Not curly, just wavy. And enough natural wave to be a constant pain in the bootie. Lucky me, I'm one of those people who have to work to make my hair curly, or work to make it straight.  I know, you probably find it hard to believe, because in most of the pictures you see here, my hair is stick straight! This, my friends, is the miracle of product. :-)

Meet "Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream" by Kiehl's, another one of My Favorite Things.  
I discovered this product while living in Charlotte. At the time, I made the committment that I was going to wear my wavy hair straight all the time, even if I had to work hard to do it. I quickly discovered that without the right tools for the job I would probably pull all my hair OUT and it wouldn't matter anyway! One Saturday I was at the Kiehl's counter in Belk, and the consultant recommended the product to me. Of course I bought it - promise me straight hair, and I'm dragging out the $$$ immediately, duh.

This is applied to my hair when it's soaking wet, and then I dry it with my trusty Aveda paddle brush (after using the Aveda light elements I've discussed here before). Honestly, this straightening cream is a miracle for my hair! Many days (think low humidity ones), I don't even have to use the flat iron. 

Here's what the Kiehl's folks have to say about the product:

Formulated especially for wavy, frizzy, or curly hair in need of smoothing, our unique straightening cream contains a blend of natural ingredients to help straighten out hair and tame frizz without weighing hair down. Infused with extracts derived from Soy Beans, Sesame Seeds and Sunflower Seeds, this unique formulation locks out humidity while conditioning and protecting hair from over-drying and breakage. Light and greaseless, our straightening cream gives hair an ultra-straight and silky-smooth look with incredible shine.

Believe me when I tell you this, if you're looking for a new straightening cream, try this one before you invest big $$$ on other products. Heat Protective Silk Straightening Cream retails for only $17, and a bottle lasts about 60 days for me. It's available on the Kiehl's website and of course at all major retailers who carry the Kiehl's line. Give it a try, I can't wait to hear what you think! 

Here's to a Frizz-Free Spring and Summer! 

p.s. Just sharing my experiences with you - Shopaholic is not endorsed or compensated by Kiehl's in any way! But hey Kiehl's folks, if you're listening out there and you need a tester that lives in humidity, I'm your girl!!!   


  1. I will have to try this, I have baby fine hair so I have frizz problems so this might be just what I am looking for.

  2. I live in FL and the humidity is AWFUL. I will definitely try this out!

  3. I too have baby fine hair that frizzes at just hearing the word "humidity"! This looks great. Have fun in the sun this weekend! :)

  4. Happy FF!!
    I am a shopacholic, too!

    I am now following you from FF!
    Have a terrific weekend!

  5. Thanks for the tip

    Stopping by from "Friday Follow".

  6. Great tip! I have always had straight hair, until a few years ago when a odd curl popped up at the back of my head. So weird! Anyway, I am now totally self conscious about it, so it would be nice to find a product that straightened my hair with little effort.

    I have a friend of mine who has naturally curly hair, but straightens it often. She just bought a T3 hairdryer, and she says it only takes her 14 minutes to dry her hair straight now. It's like a miracle to her! Have you tried it? It might be worth it for you, too. She said the best price she's ever found was on

    Just thought I'd pass along another tool, in case you were interested!

  7. I will be getting that asap as my hair has been acting out big time! xoxo

  8. That sounds like just what I need for my hair!! Thanks so much!!

  9. No problem for me... medium thickness, but fine and straight!

  10. Must have this! I've got a big old mess of uber thick waves!

  11. Must check this out for myself...always on the hunt for these types of products, as I flat iron my super frizzy curly hair to death. And the humid NY warm weather is really only minutes away!


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