Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Swap Partners - Let The Fun Begin!

Happy Tuesday to you! We had the absolute CRAZIEST storm here overnight! Heavy rains, wild winds, and cold temperatures make me happy to say - 19 DAYS UNTIL SPRING! :-) 

As everyone knows, Shopaholic and Maryland Pink and Green are co-hosting our 1st Annual Spring Gift Swap! Bethany and I are both very excited about this gift exchange, and today I have the partner matchups for you. See below for your partner:

CZ: Carriezapfe@yahoo.com with Anonymous: Charityb@hotmail.com

Rachele: sanclementephx@aol.com with kp: Summerinnewport@gmail.com

Beth Dunn: Beth@socialclimbers.net with Melissa

Kate: nauticalbynature@gmail.com with carol: www.southernmomoftwo.blogspot.com

EntertainingMom with Tammy: tammy@rosecreations.net

mFw: lilylover09@live.com with Hillcrest Acres

Emily: notwithoutheels@gmail.com with heather emery

Tickled Pink Talk with Recession is the New Blonde: cada.paulson@gmail.com

Lisa: lisa.bearledge@hughes.net with EB: EVBenton@sms.edu

Janine: gourcook2000@yahoo.com with Kristina: k.krieger@live.com

GP CUPCAKE: villagepalm@yahoo.com with Amy R.: www.plainfancyliving.blogspot.com

Terri shottst@yahoo.com with LADYHIGHTOWER: ladyhightower@live.com

Mrs. Bogarde: wbogarde@comcast.net with The Silken Thread: laura.reece@yahoo.com

Bevysblog: fortwillis@bellsouth.net with Holly H2Os: HollyH2Os@aol.com

Audreyscountrycrafts: www.audreyscountrycrafts.blogspot.com with Caroline Grace Jewelry: Lucycarol@gmail.com

Amy: lilly.chic@hotmail.com with Krystal: SpicyKrystal@gmail.com

Fashion Meets Food: fashionmeetsfood@yahoo.com with Kim Reese: kimreese2@bellsouth.net

Lottie with Hadley: justhad@aol.com

Trish: trishtrahan@gmail.com with A Town Country Life: townandcountryblog@gmail.com

Peace.Love.Lipgloss.: madeleinhomes@comcast.net with Steph: nab41965@gmail.com

Shopaholic in Alabama lori.driver@hotmail.com with Kristin: Kristin@castlecpa.com

Paintedpreppy: paintedpreppy@blogspot.com or paintedpreppy@gmail.com with Vynuss: vynuss@gmail.com

Cute and Classy: Creativeladytld@yahoo.com with Sue Romano- Trader: relillygroup@gmail.com

Whitney and the preppy puppy: pinkandgreenpup@gmail.com with Jo: Beesabdfeurdelis@yahoo.com

Grove Gals grovegifts@gmail.com gives to Jamie jmori001@nc.rr.com

Jamie jmori001@nc.rr.com gives to Maryland Pink and Green blbrodger1@hotmail.com

Maryland Pink and Green blbrodger1@hotmail.com gives to Grove Gals grovegifts@gmail.com

Please observe the following swap guidelines (which were on another post but I will copy for your reference).

*Spending suggestion/limit is $30 (NOT including shipping). This could be one fantastic gift, or several small gifts. It's up to you, just please send something you would love to also receive.

*Gifts should be spring in nature - bright, cherry and HAPPY. :-)
*The deadline to sign up is Sunday, February 28.
*We will match partners and publish the lists on both blogs. Matchups will be up no later than Wednesday, March 3.
*Contact your swap partner by Friday, March 5.
*Please have gifts mailed no later than Friday, March 26.
*For those participants who have a blog, we'd love it if you'd photograph your gift before you send and publish once your partner receives. Same for any gifts you receive. We want this swap to be INTERACTIVE - so we can all enjoy seeing the pretty, happy SPRING gifts!
*If you're a participant who doesn't blog, you can email pics of your sent/received gifts to me or Bethany and we'll publish on our blogs for you!

I've already been shopping (shocker, I know) and can't wait to see what everyone receives! Enjoy meeting a new friend, or getting to know someone better! Please contact me or Bethany if you have any issues.
Let's get this party started!


  1. Yay so exciting!!!! Now can I ask you two a HUGE favor? Some names are new to me and I love new blogs, can you please put a blog name by everyone's names?! I would love to check out some new blogs. Millions of thanks... and this is going to be SO much fun!!!

    XOXO Jesssica

  2. thanks so much for organizing this Lori

  3. YIPPEE!! SO exciting! :) Thanks to you and Bethany for organizing! XOXO

  4. Been shopping away and I'm almost ready to mail my swap items! I just need to pick up one more thing ...


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