St. Patrick's Parade & Party!

Happy Monday to you! This Shopaholic is moving a little slower than normal today, we had way too much fun yesterday at the St. Patrick's Parade in Metairie. :-) For those who don't know the area, Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans and is known by the locals as the "south shore". The city is south of Lake Pontchartrain, and north of New Orleans.

This was the second year we've participated in what has quickly become a fun tradition. DH and I ride a chartered bus from Fairhope, AL with a huge group of friends. The party starts VERY early - the bus leaves at 5:30AM and shortly thereafter, the adult beverages begin to flow. We started with champagne mimosas (me) and bloody marys (DH). Later we were boring, and just drank beer. HA.

The bus ride takes about 2.5-3 hours, but honestly you're having so much fun, the time flies by! The ladies who coordinate the arrangements for the bus (collect everyone's $$$, make reservations, etc) always sell raffle tickets and draw for "door prizes" on the way. Some of the prizes you want to win - bottles of champagne, wine, etc; cool party gear such as "light up" cups and funky glasses. Other prizes are fairly irreverent and just plain hilarious (occasionally they're of the adult variety, minimum bus age is 21 after all!).

This year we were thrilled when my BFF Priscilla and her DH decided to make the trip with us. Also my BFF Ashleigh goes on the trip every year, and introduced us to this party last year. So it was a perfect day for me - a fun party with DH and two of my BFF's - honestly, does it get any better than that???

The parade lasts a long time - well over 2 hours. I have no idea how many floats are actually in the parade, but I'd guess at least 50! They throw all sorts of fun things - beads, cups and candy (like Mardi Gras). One of my favorite things is all the vegetables. Cabbage, carrots, potatoes, onions, etc are also thrown. I even caught a banana yesterday! Crazy huh? It's all very civilized - they "hand" you the stuff, not try to nail you in the head with a cabbage.....Promise!

DH and I with Priscilla and her DH. Aren't we cute?

Now, who has recipes for cabbage??? Not sure what I'm going to do with all this stuff...

Just for fun, I'm leaving you today with my "all day party" pointers, Shopaholic style.

1) Get a good nights sleep before the party - think at least 7-8 hours.
2) Be sure to eat - before, during and after the party - your liver will thank you!
3) Alternate adult beverages with water, Diet Coke or Gatorade. (I'm not good at following this advice, but I know it works).
4) Drink a huge Gatorade before you go to bed - and one when your feet hit the floor the next morning.
5) Take Aleve or Tylenol before hitting the hay (wash it down with the Gatorade mentioned above). The doctors would probably not advise this, but it works for me.
6) Take the majority of your photos early in the day. To quote an old friend "Let's take pictures now - you know - while we still look good".

Happy St. Patrick's Day my dear friends! What are you doing to celebrate?


  1. OMG y'all look great! So jealous and wish I could have been there with you! Loving the Shopaholic party tips :) Too cute! I can't believe you hauled all your cabbages home to AL with you!! XOXO

  2. Damn can't beat Trish in a comment log anywhere........Love Trish for that. Glad you had fun!

  3. That looks like so much fun! Not sure what you'll do with all that cabbage though...;)

  4. Looks like you guys had such a GREAT time! :) Been a L O N G time since I've partied like that ;) Great tips by the way. Hmmmmm, you will most definitely have to let us know what you do with the cabbages!!!!

  5. So jealous you go to go to the St. Patty's Day parade!! Every year we'd come home with the same problem - what do you do with all that cabbage.

    We brown some ground beef with onions, onion powder, and lots of worschestire sauce. Saute the cabbage iolive oil and worschestire sauce as well. Add these ingredients together and blend in with cooked rice. Yum!

  6. Left you a gift on my blog!

  7. Seems like you had fun.

    I am your latest follower from a late Friday Follow and I applaud what you are doing here.

    Whenever you get a chance head on to my blog at

    There are so many giveaways you can enter.

  8. I lived in Covington LA for a few years - I was young but remember well that the parades were a lot of fun!

  9. thank you for the heads up on the elopement dress for a song at the LP HQ!



  10. I am so impressed that you can still get started that early in the morning!! I must be too old. Good for you!

  11. OMW... I haven't done anything like that in years! You are amazing!

  12. That sounds like a LONG day, but a fun one! Glad you got to party with your closest friends. That always makes for some wonderful memories!

  13. Hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day sweet friend! xoe


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