Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet Kiel James Patrick - A New Preppy Favorite!

Happy Thursday, Fashionistas! Today I'm so excited to introduce you (or help you become more familiar) with a wonderful preppy favorite brand, Kiel James Patrick.

Through the miracle of Twitter, I met Kiel James Patrick several weeks ago. After looking over the website, I was in love with the designs. Everything is so, shall we say, Preppy? And you'll notice by looking on their website, everyone is just Pretty. The models are surrounded by boats and water, the sun is shining and it all makes me think summer. :-) What's not to love, right?

Recently I placed an order for a few things that were my absolute favorites. My new goodies, in no particular order below. 

Drift Oak Ear Knot, Tipsy at Black Pearl Pub $35.
Let me share a secret with you about Shopaholic and earrings. I never, ever, wear studs. The backs usually just bother me. When I talk on the phone (which I do - a LOT), they dig into the back of my head. They always make my ear lobes itch. I know, I have issues. Anyway......these earrings did not cause ANY of the above mentioned problems for me. Honestly! They were green with pink elephants. You know I had to have them, and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow with some Lilly Pulitzer.

Turk's Head Knot Rope Bracelet, Sanibel Trails $35.
The first thing I noticed and loved about this bracelet - you can customize the color of the button. I selected Fuschia, which is a perfect complement to the pink, green, blue and tan in the rope design. Are you noticing the theme here? Again, pink and green. Matches all my Lilly Pulitzer, as well as the Lacoste and Burberry polos I don't wear as often as I should. Additionally, you can order this bracelet in five different sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL from 6.5" to 8.5") to accomodate your size wrist. I'm thrilled to be able to "make" my own bracelet, between the button and the size! This weekend I will be wearing my new bracelet, hopefully on the beach if the weatherman is correct....

Next up on my "must have" list are the following two pieces.

Toggelash Falls Bracelet, Trenton Burrows Prep, $35.
Do I really need to explain? Pink, green and blue - again. However I will change up the button on this piece by ordering it in turquoise.
Vicker Leed Headband, Fitzwilliam Prescott, $35.
Headbands are a staple in my spring and summer wardrobe. We do a lot of boating, and we also live at the beach. Heat and humidity make my hair a hot mess eight months out of the year, and headbands help me not to lose my mind. I really, really need this one!

A few more things I've learned about the KJP brand. All their fabrics, buttons, etc are purchased in the United States in the New England area. All production (as well as the company headquarters) are housed in Kiel's home state of Rhode Island. Kiel is 100% committed to providing jobs in his local community and supporting local businesses. I truly believe this is rare in today's "global marketplace" and this makes me want to purchase from KJP!

Check out their website HERE and tell me what you love! Shopaholic tip - be sure to sign up to receive the KJP newsletter (see left sidebar on the site) to receive an email coupon code worth $5 off your purchase. Additionally, all orders ship FREE via USPS first class mail. No worries, other shipping options are available if you're in a big hurry! 

Happy Shopping, and have a fantastic Thursday! 


  1. Very pretty things. I love supporting local economies.

  2. oh lord, i love already...i should really un'follow' you as you're bad for my wallet!

  3. Love this preppy company! I got a headband from them a few months ago and it's so comfy!

  4. That stuff is way too cute! Hope your having a great week! Did you see yesterdays ending btw? Did not see that one coming! xoxo

  5. I just found Kiel James Patrick through Twitter too! I love his stuff! I love it's from RI too as I used to frequent Newport, RI and Boston a lot. My fav are the pink whale ear knots! (Donnickberry Spout) which I've already bought! :)

  6. I love those!! Think those bracelets are just the cutest thing ever. And you're right - the beauty and happiness on the website just make it even more fun to browse!

  7. Almost makes me wish I had long hair again!

  8. OK, is he hot or what!!! Let's just get that out there and then we can talk about his cute stuff!!!!

  9. thanks for the $5 off tip . . . made me feel a LITTLE less guilty about my new bracelet!

  10. I bought a headband and bracelet a couple of months ago for my preppy daughter and she LOVES them. I hope you are pleased with your purchases.

  11. Cute. I am coming over from Follow Friday. I am a Bama Girl too.

  12. Hi, visiting and following from Follow Me Friday.

    Please come by and follow me back when you get a chance. Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Happy belated Friday Follow! I'm following you now...please stop by when you get a chance and follow me too! Have a great day!


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