Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Roslyn Bandwagon!

Happy Thursday, fellow Shopaholics! One day closer to the weekend and I can't wait, as a 70-degree day is forecast for Sunday in these parts. Can you say - BEACH??? Ummmm YES. :-)

While thinking of summer - which yes I know, I know - spring has to get here first - my mind turns to cute skirts and dresses. For years, I've had a love affair with my "Simple Skirts" from Lilly Pulitzer. They have just worked for me - and especially my "new" lifestyle (read - that means no "real" job). However it's quite possible I have a new LOVE in my LIFE. Meet Roslyn!

This love affair started on Pink Friday (yes the day after Thanksgiving!) when I purchased her in WHAT THE SHELL PATCH

Now I "need" her in the spring print "Ten Ton Bouquet" and I've purchased her in the PANDAMONIUM print:

You can see Roslyn in all the available styles on Lilly's website. One thing I love the MOST about the skirts - each one has different details. A certain trim - or maybe the placement of the trim. Different colorways and prints. I'm betting this will be a new "staple" for Lilly!

Which one (or should I say "ones") are your favorites? :-)

p.s. A special "Thanks" to my friend The Preppy Pastor for guest-blogging yesterday. Hope you all enjoyed getting to know her!


  1. Love them, and you're right you do need to get the third, its divine.

  2. I love the Roslyn skirt too! I have it in What the Shell Patch and Pandamonium...and now I have my eye on Ten Ton Bouquet and Climbing the Ladder!

  3. This looks cute and super flattering- the ten ton print is growing on me :-) Its fun!

  4. Roslyn is so versatile and can be worn during multiple seasons because it pairs so well with a cardigan or polo. xoxo

  5. I have In the Slim,Pandamonium and Ten Ton Bouquet.I LOVE the different trims,makes it seem like you're wearing something different everyday even if it's just a skirt and polo.

  6. Okay, now I HAVE to get the Rosalyn -- DH is going to be SO happy! :)

  7. Roslyn rocks! I have it in "Not So Crabby". Must get "Climb the Ladder"!

  8. You are making me want a Roslyn!!

  9. They are all fabulous! My favorite right now is seeing double!


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