Monday, March 22, 2010

Under The Palm Tree's Shopaholic Special

Happy Monday, Fashionistas! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with lots of fun times with family and friends....or just relaxing!

Our friends at Under The Palm Tree ran the BEST sale last week. With the correct promotion code, you received 30% off one FULL priced item. Did you order or were you like me, trying to "behave" and missed the sale??? How about this? I have some great news for you!

For Shopaholic readers - the sale has been extended for Monday only! Even if you already ordered on the 30% off promotion, you can now do it again! How cool is that?

Do you still need the perfect dress for Easter (only 13 days from today!) or Passover? UTPT has a fantastic selection of new Spring collection Lilly dresses. Check out their website HERE. When placing your order online, enter the code "SHOPAHOLIC" in the notes/comments section to receive 30% off one full priced item. If you haven't shopped with UTPT yet, they service is wonderful! Shipping is super fast and your order/pricing are confirmed back to you via email. You won't be disappointed!

A few of my favorite dresses (all are eligible for the 30% off promotion) include the following:

Adelson Shift Gold Lace $278

Betsey Dress Jacquard, Wave Blue $248

Twyla Dress, Prep Green Hits The Spot $278

What are you wearing for Easter? I haven't decided yet, the weather is always so crazy this time of year. But I have several dresses ready, and I'm going to be prepared!

Happy Shopping and Happy Monday!


  1. What a great promotion! I'm trying to be good...but that's hard with such a great deal. xoxo

  2. I tagged you on my blog!! You're a socialite. xoxo

  3. I have to be good. :( If I didn't have to, I would definitely be spending! :)

  4. I got in under the wire last night and secured the Betsey Wave Jacquard! Thank you...XXOO

  5. Love the Twyla dress. Just wore it to a bridesmaid luncheon a week ago. I've posted pics of me in the dress on my blog. There are way too many Lilly dresses to choose from this year!!! I wore the Goldy dress in Shorely Blue Swirly today, to church. And I also got the Kelsea dress in Limeade Coral. Love them all!


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